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Mario A. Avila

Mario A. Avila
Mr. Avila is a Senior Financial Analyst with strong technical training and significant experience in financial analysis, market research, and due diligence.


Consulting services provided by Mr. Avila include intellectual property damage assessments, lost profits, quantification of economic damages, shareholder disputes, and business valuations.  Mario has performed services for clients in a broad range of industries, including software, telecommunications, electronics, energy management, and insurance.


Previously, Mr. Avila was an investment analyst with the private equity firm Bryant Stibel specializing in investment analysis, market research, and due diligence.  Prior to that, he served as a financial and diligence analyst at Lockton Insurance Brokers for five years. Mr. Avila also has broad experience in venture capital.

Mr. Avila finished a dual-degree program earning his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and Bachelor of Arts in Management-Engineering from Claremont McKenna College.  He went on to earn a dual Master of Science in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  He is currently preparing to sit for his first CFA exam.

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